7 Tips for a First-time Author

The title – how grand to dispense ‘advice’ – might be misleading. For all of you who’ve come here thinking I’m some sort of ‘guru’, I shall most honestly admit I’m not. I don’t have a reassuringly long list of published books. Just the one. (I spent fifteen minutes trying to decide whether I should hyperlink that. I don’t want this to be a post about my books. Although in case you’re interested it’s here here here!)

I presume you have a finished manuscript in hand, or are in the process of finishing one (or several, if you’re like me and enjoy juggling things around) and are now, or soon, looking to unleash your precious progeny upon the world. Continue reading “7 Tips for a First-time Author”

Haunted Cities

Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else.
― Italo Calvino

Once again, I am switching cities. London for Brighton. (Many balls to you, Ben Johnson. I’m not tired of life, but I’m definitely weary of all I cannot afford in the the capital – so relentlessly, prohibitively corporate). And while Brighton is lovely, all sea-windy and crisp, perched at the end of land as though waiting to plummet into an adventure, I have Delhi on my mind.

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