“Boats on Land is a masterful rendition of the shimmery and fleeting, the haunting and disappearing, the complex and yet simple nature of a people perhaps lost, perhaps gone forever, but caught, only transiently, in the stories.” – Biblio: A Review of Books
“There is a sense of timelessness to this collection of beautifully crafted short stories which are almost faultless in their perfection. They deserve to be read over and over again.” – The Hindu
“Pariat pulls off intelligent, effortlessly moving stories that are reminiscent of early Alice Munro; at her best, her quiet, particular voice is mesmerising and entirely individual.” – Nilanjana Roy
“This debut book thus mimics the folkloric tradition. Each story is fragmentary and yet self-contained, rich in atmosphere yet tantalizingly elusive. Resolutions are not battered out, but are quietly unfolded. The telling is dotted with discursive back-stories and recollections, startling revelations and insights of singular depth, constituting voices that, while varied, are all marked by a poetic wistfulness.” – The Northeast Review